Team Practice

Appoint us to your team! 

We can assist your Club/Association:-

  • as your Integrity and Complaints Manager;

  • as your Company Secretary; or 

  • to provide independent advice on governance related matters

We can also:-

  • provide general corporate governance advice;

  • assist in the implementation of Sports Australia's National Integrity Framework;

  • work in collaboration with your team and Board to ensure that the Objectives, as detailed in your Constitution are met;

  • be the point of contact for integrity related matters for your sport

  • be the point of contact for Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) in relation to complaints management; 

  • provide regular updates on all integrity related matters to your CEO and Board;

  • undertake board performance evaluations and reviews; or

  • provide support regarding director tenure and rotation.

We work together with your Committee or Board to:-

  • advise on items for board and committee consideration

  • attend board and committee meetings and producing minutes and matters arising from those meetings

  • draft circular resolutions and authorisations under delegation

  • draft director appointment letters and advising on appointment processes

  • assist with annual reporting requirements

  • draft notices of meeting

  • manage member meetings

  • prepare a board skills matrix; or

  • attend to tasks typically performed by a company secretary